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 Lafayette Relocation Services 

I was born in Lafayette and have had the pleasure of watching our community grow into a vibrant, exciting city. Manufacturing plants are thriving, agriculture is booming, retail opportunities are prevalent, Purdue University brings us the world!  Our arts and entertainment are wonderful. Restaurants, Parks, Recreation and sporting events are all great!


Much of my business is “corporate relocation." I work with companies who are hiring and help with the recruitment process. It is my goal to offer as much information and personal assistance as possible to make any new person feel comfortable in their move.


The other half of my business is connected to many personal contacts within the community. I’ve been blessed with wonderful new and old friends and the support of past clients. Word of mouth works very well and I stand on my reputation.


I am not a licensed realtor, but work with realtors and other property owners.

Faye E. Cole

Lafayette Relocation Services

Office: 765-429-5171

Cell: 765-409-9888

Faye Cole

Lafayette Relocation Services
(765) 429-5171 Office

(765) 409-9888 Cell

Local and Long Distance Specialist

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